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Feb 13, 2013 8:00pm EST
, when leon panetta was nominated to be c.i.a. director, i talked to a number of our c.i.a. personnel in varies parts of the world and they were concerned. leon didn't have a background in intelligence. i said -- my response was anybody who has been chief of staff to the president of the united states can handle any job in the united states government. and, of course, leon went on to prove that, so much so that for his next position he was confirmed 100-0 as secretary of defense. therefore, that is by way of saying to you, obviously, i support your nomination. you have handled that job of chief of staff very well. the other thing i wanted to say was, there was a problem when you were chief of staff with o.m.b. in that o.m.b. was continuing to try to run this country's space program. i went to you and you started ma sodging, that the nasa got to run the space program without o.m.b. folks saying you do this, you do that. are senator rockefeller cheers to the committee. i want to thank you for that. because what you did was -- you smoothed it out so that senator kay bailey hutchinson and
Feb 14, 2013 8:00pm EST
a pay increase to d.e.a. agents on the borders, to the c.i.a. agents who track down osama bin laden. this is a rotten, rotten thing to do. for what? to score some political -- >> this is a rotten thing to do. we are not reducing the deficit at all. we need to save at the american taxpayers' money -- the bottom line is, this is a cheap political stunt. the victims here are working people. none of them should be surprised, because this is the republican signature issue -- ago after working people. want to balance the budget? punish working people. want to find this or that? ago after working people. enough. enough of this war against our working families. mr. speaker, what is frustrating is that here we are debating a bill that is really going nowhere, that is about a press release. my republicans will go on vacation tomorrow. it will not be back for a week. and we will have four legislative days left to deal with sequestration. on march 4, all of these across- the-board cuts will go into play. guess what? we will lose 750,000 jobs. that is not my estimate. that is what the head of om
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2